Cleanse Information

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Why Cleanse

Today we all live such hectic lifestyles that sometimes it seems hard to make the right dietary choices. Between the summer BBQ’s and the Holiday parties it seems that there is always something to celebrate! We are not here to preach a raw food, vegan, never indulge yourself lifestyle but help you find a healthy lifestyle that best suits you.

Our body uses about 80% of our energy to digest food and over time our digestive system can become overworked and weakened on a typical diet of meat, dairy and processed food. Our cleanse gives the digestive system a time to rest and uses that same energy to cleanse and restore the body.

Preparing for the Cleanse

In the days leading up to the cleanse you should try to eliminate processed foods, caffeine, sugar, meat and dairy as much as possible. Start your day with warm water and the juice of one lemon to kickstart digestion. Focus on a eating a whole food plant based diet. A plant based diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables helps clean the bowels, flushes the liver and kidneys, and sets the body in proper motion for your fast. If cutting out meat seems like too much incorporate fish with steamed or grilled veggies.

Make sure that you create a supportive environment when you cleanse. Cleansing with friends or co-workers can be fun and empowering. We offer group discounts for those who order 5 or more cleanses.

During the Cleanse

Start with your first green juice #1. Drinking juice on an empty stomach allows the vitamins and minerals in the juice to go straight to your bloodstream. Having fiber or a meal already in your stomach prevents your body from quickly absorbing the nutrients from the juice.

*Remember to always chew your juice. The chewing action mixes saliva with the juice, allowing your body to more easily absorb and utilize the nutrients. (I know it sounds a little crazy considering there is not much to chew!)

Below are additional tips while on your juice cleanse

Rest: During the cleanse you should give your body a rest from exercise. If you must train, we recommend reducing the length/intensity of your normal routine. Light Yoga is an ideal companion to cleansing. A cleanse can be tiring so try to get to bed early!

Hydrate: Make sure that you are drinking plenty of filtered water in between your juices. Raw coconut water is also a great way to hydrate your body. Raw coconut water contains electrolytes and is composed of many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes that aid in digestion and metabolism.

Eliminate: During the cleanse your body will release toxins that have built up. Treating yourself to a message, sauna or yoga will help eliminate these toxins. Take it easy, you know your body best.

After the Cleanse

Hope you enjoyed the cleanse! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. To end the cleanse we recommend slowly reintroducing cooked foods starting with steamed/roasted vegetables and beans. Try to avoid processed foods and dairy products as long as possible to extend the cleanse. The goal of the cleanse is for our clients to make small changes to their dietary lifestyle. Possibly switching from coffee to herbal tea or an energy packed smoothie is a great way to start your day.

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