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What Is The Difference Between Your Cold-Pressed Juice And The Cold-Pressed Juice At The Grocery Store?

Most cold-pressed juice found in the grocery store has been pasteurized through a process called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) or High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP). This process uses high pressure to extend shelf life. However, this process compromises taste, color and most important the nutritional benefits of your juice.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Juices?

Our juices have a three day shelf life when refrigerated and can be frozen for up to six months with very little loss of nutrients.

You Use 100% Organic Produce In Your Juices, Smoothies And Salads, & Whips?

Yes. If there is ever a time we cannot purchase organic we will be sure to notify our customers.

What Are The Differences Between Your Cleanses?

Our Fresh Start Cleanse consists of 3, 16 oz. juices daily and should be complimented with raw, organic, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Please be sure to visit our store to enjoy our raw salads, treats, & small bites.

Our Full Press Cleanse consists of 6, 16 oz. juices daily. This cleanse is designed to provide you with all the nutrients you will need to get you through your day. If you are hungry, you can always eat a few slices of green apple or a handful of raw almonds.

Can I Do A Cleanse If I Am Taking Medication?

You should always consult your physician prior to starting a juice cleanse.

Can I Exercise While Cleansing?

Yes, exercise aids in the detox process. Please be sure not to over exert yourself, you know your body best.  Yoga, walking, swimming and stretching are ideal companions to cleansing

Can I Do A Cleanse If I Am Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

No, but be sure to check out our Juice Momma package.

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