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Fresh Press Juice Bar - Lauren Miller and Deven Burgio
Sister / Owners Lauren Miller & Deven Burgio

Raised on acres of land and surrounded by the ranches and farms that make East Vineland, NJ the beautiful city it is, Deven and Lauren naturally found the days of their youth filled with an abundance of fresh fruit and produce. Raw, cooked, diced, or sliced, vegetables and fruits were always staples in their parents’ home and essential components of each meal. However, as they got older and their lives got busier, Deven and Lauren found it increasingly difficult to maintain their healthy eating habits as they ventured away from their childhood home.

As young adults, convenient meals comprised most of their diet, that is until a coworker introduced Lauren to the world of juicing in 2009. From the first sip to the last gulp, Lauren rediscovered what she had been missing for so long. Immediately hooked, she bought a juicer and began using it daily. It was not long before she saw the benefits of reintroducing fresh fruits and veggies to her diet, manifest in her leaner figure, clearer skin, and stronger hair and nails. What impressed Lauren most was the correlation between the start of juicing and the end of her chronic ear infections. Experiencing firsthand the advantages of a newfound lifestyle, Lauren shared the benefits of juicing with her parents, sister Deven, and brother-in-law.

Soon, three generations of the family were juicing, as even Deven’s young children enjoyed the new addition to their meals. Deven and Lauren began to share their stories with family and friends, revealing how this small change transformed and bettered their lives. Believing in the power of fresh fruits and vegetables and the numerous ways in which they nourish, heal, and strengthen the body, Deven proposed to Lauren that they open a juice shop of their own in January of 2013. The thought of changing other people’s lives in such a natural, simple way excited Lauren and encouraged her to move to North Jersey to join her sister and open Fresh Press Juice Co. Today these sisters hope to share their love of juice and passion for a healthy lifestyle with others.

Deven has her BA in Marketing from Temple University where she was a collegiate gymnast, Lauren has her BA in Adult Organizational Management from Temple University and her Masters in Special Education from University of Wilmington.

Honestly was skeptical because I’m not into the juice cleanse and that jazz. But to my surprise the hangover helper was quite fresh and smooth tasting. Also the people there seemed kind and knew what they were doing which was a plus in of it self. Highly recommend if you are a fitness addict or you just want to try something new.

Brandon B.
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